Walgreens Offers Super Deal On Carmex

Just got word in of a nice deal on Carmex lip balm out at Walgreens, folks, and whether you find yourself getting sunburn, or just want to stock up for winter, you’ll be able to get a fantastic deal.

Basically, the most recent Walgreens flyer came in two versions, according to reports, and one of them was stocked with a wraparound ad. If you got one of those, you got two coupons for Carmex, which can actually be used at the same time.

The math works out pretty simply: normally, you’ll pay $1.69, with a two for $3.00 special. The $.99 coupon pulled $1.02 out of the equation, and then bringing in the buy one get one coupon dropped another $1.31, which left you paying a whopping $.34 for Carmex.

So if you were looking to stock up on Carmex, now’s the time and Walgreens the place.

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