Walgreens Offers Host Of Back To School Deals

Chances are, a lot of you out there are looking to do some back to school shopping for someone in your life, and if not, there’s a fair chance you’ll look to take advantage of the various back to school deals to stock up your own office supplies. And this week, the folks at Walgreens are ready to help.

There will be a variety of great deals in the school (or office, whichever) supplies category, including a whole slew of the always popular buy one get one rack. A variety of binders will be available on the buy one get one free plan, as well Mead notebooks (one to five subject as well as four pocket portfolios), and your choice of the Reload Laptop Messenger Bag or the Tech Gear or Urban Sport backpacks with free lunch kit.

And as good as those deals are, they’ll only be the start as opposed to the end of the spectacular deal array. So if you’re looking to stock up ahead of September, Walgreens will give you a great opportunity to do so.

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