Tips on Capturing Your Baby’s Best Moments

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Once your bundle of joy arrives in full baby glory, there’s nothing more you’d want to do than to make each moment last forever. With one hand on your trusty camera phone and another on your weighty Canon, you’re prepared to capture every magazine-worthy, Pinterest-like shot of your little drool machine.

But before you go about a cycle of blurry and crying Pinterest fails, check out some of our handy tips for capturing your baby’s (best) milestones.

1. Always have your camera phone ready
We understand that you have your Rebel ready to take the most professional of all shots, but cute moments will wait for no one. Make sure you have something handy to capture the unexpected moments.

2. Be aware of your baby’s schedule

Don’t expect to get your best photos right before bedtime or feeding time. Work around your baby’s least fussiest times. Trust me, you wouldn’t smile either, if you were tired or hungry.

3. Go natural
The best lighting is natural lighting. If you want to plan out your own photoshoot, pick a spot that’s full of bright natural light.

4. Tap into your inner baby
Some of the best photos come when you’re crouched down to the same level as your little one. So go ahead, get on all fours, and crawl away.

5. Store AND Backup
I’ve heard too many horror stories of parents losing precious photos when their hard drives get wiped out. Print out those photos, load them up to a share site, and save them to a portable hard drive. These are your most precious memories, so you can never have too many backups!

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