Say cheeeeeeeeeese !!!!

Grilled cheese…. Burger…. Mac and cheese….

Cheese is part of my fridge like the sun is part of the sky in California…

But any time I go to the grocery store and I walk in the cheese area I look at the price and just ask myself…. Why ? Oh why cheese are you so good and sooo expensive at the same time ???? Life would be way more better if you could be a little cheaper ( and don’t be so full of calories but that’s not the point here ;-) )

Thankfully, this week,  Von’s and Affiliate ( Safeway ) are thinking about our little purse and will help us to save some money …. Because YES there’s a really good deal for Cheese !

On the weekly ad ( that we got every Tuesday on the mail box ) we can see that there is a cheese event ! Oh cheese I love you…..

On the KRAFT cheese and other brands there’s a BIG promotion….. Buy One Get One…. FREE !!!!!!!

Just that word FREE makes me smile :-)

photo 1


The deal will be even better if I tell you that on top of that…. You will get a “catalina” when you will buy the cheese slice products ! But ?!?!?! What is a Catalina ????

A Catalina is a ticket that will print at the store when you buy some products. Sometime it’s a coupon for products, sometime it’s money….. In this cheesy case you will get back some money !!!!!!!

The catalina can be use for you next purchase !

If you buy 2 different bags of slice scheese you will get back $1…. If you buy 3 you will get back $2…. If you buy 4…… YES you will get back $3 !!!!!!!

So buy 2 bags of slices cheese. Buy one get one free. Get back $1 ! Do you follow me ;-)

And now, do you  want to know something even sweeter ????

photo 2


YEEEEEES  !!!!! There’s a coupon for the cheese !!!!!

If you go to there’s right now a coupon for 0.75cents off your bag of cheese :-) One ticket for one bag of cheese that you buy !

But remember, we don’t know how many quantities of these coupon is available on line ! If you want to print it do it as fast as possible cause there’s a lot of mommies that know about the deal and will print theres. Once of the quantity of coupons have been printed you can’t find it anymore ;-(

But the deal is just on so run !!!!

Life with cheese and coupons is beautiful…. Isn’t it ? ;-)

Happy shopping !

Update : The 0.75 cents OFF coupon is not working for the products that are Buy one get one free. But the catalina will print at the end of the transaction  on top of the promotion.

So buy two cheddar slices for 3.99 and you will get back $1 so it’s like having them for  less than a dollar each !

So if you printed the 0.75 coupon keep it for a future promotion and do the Buy one get one free because it’s still a great deal

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