Save on Some Delicious Organic Snacks and Meals

Have a picky eater at home? Try some delicious organic snacks and meals from Happy Family. There’s usually not a lot of coupons available for these products, but if you Like their Facebook page, you could print out a coupon for 50 cents off.

For additional advice on how to handle your picky eater, try the below tips:

1. Introduce new foods with tried-and-true favorites
Foods with new tastes, textures, and smells require some getting used to, so try to serve them alongside some of his favorite dishes.

2. Play with colors and dips
Serve some brightly colored food and offer a few interesting dips along with it

3. Make him part of the process
Go grocery shopping with your child and make him your sous chef as you prep his meal. The more involved he is, the better he will be once eating time starts.

And for more amusing stories and helpful advice, check out these videos from Happy Family Organic SuperFoods.

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