New month… New coupons :-)

I won’t lie,  one of the secret of having a really, really…. really tiny number at the end of you receipt is ….COUPONS !

I remember all the ones I had before… And I threw them away…. Just like that I was threwing money in the trash because YES coupons are money !!!!!

Here’s in my opinion a few ones that really good and really “high value” but remember all coupons are quantities limited and if you want yours….. RUUUUUUUUUN !

I already woke up all my boys in the middle of the night because I had a printing emergency ! Yes I had to print them in the middle of the night ! I had to ! I had TO !!!!! Yes I know… Crazy :-)

Anyway if you are fast ( Yes you can do it !) Go right now here :

you will find a good quantity of really good coupons for exemple :

photo 3 (1)


$1.25OFF on the pizza rolls Totinos ( they are free right now at Ralphs with the promotion 10 for $10)

$1 OFF yoplait kids yogurt ( my boy looooves them )

$1.25 OFF nature valley ( I was able te get mine last wee 0.25cents eash at Von’s, the deal will coming back so print them and save them)

and $1OFF cereals ( I got the lucky Charms for 0.33cents at Walmart last time …..) Yes the lucky charm I love the candies inside !!!!!

and one another one that I will do is not on but on Facebook :

$1 OFF two packages of AHOY cookies ! My boys are crazy about them I can seriously buy 10 packages a week and they will be gone ! So anytime there’s a promotion on them you will see me run !!!

Right now and until tomorrow night ( March 2nd) they are on sale at Alberston’s buy 3 for $5

photo 1

So minus $1 it’s buy 3 for $4 that’s mean 1.33 a bag…. Sorry I got to go shopping lol

Happy saturday and happy shopping !!!!!!


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