Krispy Kreme donuts

When I first arrived in this country I thought I knew what a donut’s was…. It’s like a french “beignet” with an hole in it. And yes of course I ate some donuts before…. I bought them in the supermarket.

My neighbor told me one day that no, it wasn’t a donut and she would make me try a donut from Krispy Kreme Donut to make me see what was a real donuts…… Well she did…. My life was never the same since that day….

I am a Krispy Kreme donut addict… Yes she was right you CAN’T eat just one… Ort two… Or three… May be three is ok but four is even better…


Anyway lol tomorrow for hero Appreciation day if you buy 1 Donut you will get 12 for FREE ! Yes 12 donut’s for FREE if you buy 1…. That’s 13 donuts that I will be sooo happy to sahre tomorrow or may be not…. Just eating !!!!

Happy shopping

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