Have you tried Plate yet ?

I don’t know about you but my husband and I loooooove going out to have a nice dinner in a restaurant….. Loved….. Yeah…. We loved going on a date in a nice little restaurant lol

Now with two kids, going in a restaurant doesn’t only included him and I, it’s also included the babysitter, the location not too far, the time ( after the bath it’s better), the price ( Yes we still have the daycare to pay this month….)

For a new family of two kids we have a real love story with Fast food…. It’s fast and cheap food lol but once in a while a nice little restaurant….. Yeah I know…. It won’t happen soon !

But I discovered something that’s really working for us !



Plated is like a fun little restaurant that will deliver two menus at your door. The fun part…. You get to cook them !

photo 4

So it was fun for us and worked really well ! We put the little boys in bed a little early, opened a nice bottle of wine and we cooked together something easy but with new flavor that we are not use to eat.

1) You sign up the plated

2) You choose the week with the menu that suit best your envies. You can choose between meat, chicken, fish, vegetarian or vegan !

photo 1

photo 3

3) You order them !

4) You use the code :¬†platednow¬†at checkout to get your two first plates for free you will just pay the shipping, that’s $20 for 2 dinner for 2 persons !




Because yes, usually this kind of service is usually a little expensive but for your first order you get two meals for FREE !

But be careful, it’s a subscription, that’s mean if you don’t cancel your membership they will sent you some meal and you will pay the full price this time ! Just go to Membership and set to Auto delivrery OFF.



I haven’t take a picture when we got the box last time. Our impression was pretty good and we decided that once a month, if there was something on the menu that we would want to try we would order a plated box instead of going out to a restaurant !

The next one has already been ordered for the week end in two weeks, I will for sure post a picture of what it look like when I get it.

Happy romantic dinner and happy shopping !

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