Get Rewarded with Kashi for Recycling

Kashi and Recyclebank are rewarding you for recycling your cereal boxes!

For every specially marked Kashi cereal box you recycle, you can earn 50 Recyclebank Points, redeemable for coupons. Find out more information here.

Curious as to what goes into creating a perfect box of Kashi?

A life of a food taster isn’t as simple as it looks.

Kirsten Hoskissen, the taste and development manager at The Jordans and Ryvita Company tastes cereal products for a living.

“Has it got a good spread of fruit? What about the cluster size? Nice clusters. Golden, with not too much pink dust [from the strawberries],” Hoskissen recounts her thought process.

Check out more food advice from Kashi’s expert taster below!

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