FREE Glade products this week at CVS

Ok Guys !!!!!

We are not talking one…… We are not talking two…… But we are talking 3 FREE products this week at CVS PHARMACY !

The deal is easy easy even for a newbie ;-)

First you have to be part of their program. I told you it was easy lol

On the weekly ad, the amazing, fun, great, easy easy  deal is there, waiting for us to come and pick them up !

photo 3


This week some Glade products ( not all of them, just the linen sent and Hawaiian but please don;t be too picky, t’s FREE !) so yes! These products are on sale, 3 for $3 !

And because CVS is really nice with us when you will go to the store and go to the red box at the entrance….You know the red box ! Th eone you never saw before ! The one where you never stopped before !?!?! Yes that one ! You will go there, put your phone number or scan your reward card and you will get the CVS coupons for the week  !!!! And in the middle of all the coupons for futures amazing deals… it will be there, waiting for you….. $1off on 3 Glade products !!!! CVS you are soooo good to us !!!!

But because internet is full of treasures….. here what you will find if  you go here :

photo 4


YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES !!!!!!! $2OFF 2 Glade Products….

And we don’t need to be smart to do this easy easy calcul lol

3 Glades products for $3  minus $1 coupon from CVS minus $2 off coupon from the manufacture =

photo 1


Of course you will have to pay taxes but that’s like paying 0.08 cents a beautiful Glade Spray bottle ;-) I toooooold you it was easy !!!!!

Don’t forget to go as fast as you can print your coupons as we never know when they will be gone !!!!!

Happy shopping !

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