Free Birthday Gifts From Chevy’s Fresh Mex

Normally when a restaurant offers something free on your birthday, it’s dinner. But that’s not the case out at Chevy’s Fresh Mex…they’ll be offering you some rather mysterious gifts, among other things.

The procedure is shockingly familiar; just go out to their web site here, and sign up for the Chevy’s Fresh Mex Compadres Club. A quick survey later, and your next birthday will be marked by scads of free–if poorly defined–gifts. But you’ll also get discount coupons sent your way, as well as sweepstakes entries, “cantina parties” for you and your friends, advance looks at new menu items and more besides.

Lots of great freebies to be had out there, and you can really make your birthday an event to remember with a little leg work in signing up. The folks out at Chevy’s Fresh Mex want to be part of a great birthday for you, and I say, let them do it.

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