There’s always a way to save some money on the products that you really need, really want….

Sometimes you have to wait until they go on sale, sometimes you have to wait for a coupon but I have beed really surprised to see that you can really save on what’s important for you and your family.

One of the thing I do is buying gifts when they are the price I am willing to pay !

That’s mean anytime I see a toy, or anything that go on sale or clearance and I know I will need to buy it one day ( christmas, birthday, baby shower….) I am buying it right now !

Yes, beleive it or not I am already byuing some Christmas gift for next year lol

Today you can find great coupons for Fisher price toys ! Go to :

And you will find a nice list of toys that you might need you want one day or another !

$5 off Laugh & Learn Puppy & Friends Learning Table
$5 off Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Musicial Touch n Crawl
$5 off Laugh & Learn Puppy’s Activity Home
$4 off Laugh & Learn Sing-a-Song Med Kit
$4 off Laugh & Learn Sort n Learn Lunchbox
$3 off Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy
$3 off Laugh & Learn Love to Play Sis
$3 off Laugh & Learn Singin’ Soccer Ball
$3 off Giggle Gang
$3 off Light-up Lion Stacker
$2 off Laugh & Learn Learning Car

My son has the Love to Play puppy and….. as you can see…. He LOVES it !

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Remember that like every coupons they are limited quantity available and if you might be interested on one of these coupons or all of them try to print them as fast as possible !


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