Fast Fixin’s Dinner And A Redbox Movie When You Buy The Dinner

If you’ve got kids, you know they’ve got very specific desires when it comes to food. And moreover, they’ve got very specific wishes when it comes to movies, too. And if you want to make their night complete, well, the folks at Fast Fixins have a plan for you, and for them.

All you’ll need to do is snag a bag of Fast Fixins microwave entrees–chicken nuggets are the example they give–and from said package you’ll get a code for a free rental on Redbox. Take it to your nearest Redbox kiosk, put it in, and get a free rental.

A smart idea, and a great way to keep the kids occupied for ninety minutes or so. Conversely, there’s nothing wrong with chicken nuggets, so you can always eat the chicken nuggets and get the rental yourself.

Chicken nuggets…free movie…sounds like a half-decent Friday night to me!

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