Black Friday Survival Guide

1. Download your favorite app and start pre-planning offers one of the most popular apps for Black Friday. It summarizes ads from major retailers and allows users to create shopping lists and price comparisons.

2. Time your shopping trip and bring a buddy
Pick your favorite stores and organize your shopping trip. Some stores have time-specific deals, so make sure you allocate enough time for that. Also, find a buddy you can bribe with some early-morning coffee. The lines tend to be extra long, so it helps to find someone to make your shopping trip extra efficient.

3. Remember that there’s also Cyber Monday
If you miss out on items from your list (or are just too lazy to wake up and brave the mall crowd), remember that there are a ton of online deals out there.

Bottomline, pick and prioritize your favorite stores, and if you need a Black Friday picker-upper, check out George Takei in the awesome Old Navy spot below!

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