It Pays to Be Social


From finding out about relationship statuses, browsing through vacation photos, and sharing your shorthanded comments, social media has redefined what being “social” truly is. A personal touch no longer requires physical contact, and hanging out with friends could all be done online.

With over 2 billion social media users worldwide, more and more people are spending time online than offline. In fact, in a study shown by, they estimate that an average American spends almost 1/4 of their work day browsing social media sites. And according to some recent studies, Internet addicts show brain scans similar to those of people on drugs.

So, here’s the challenge from Chinet: disconnect from your online persona and be social. Instead of checking your friend’s pictures online, why not meet up with them in person? Instead of just commenting on your friend’s news feed, why not pick up the phone to tell them what you think? Come back, shut down your online persona, and join civilization!

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