Baby Saving starting Sunday at CVS

In my craziest dreams I am a breastfeeding mother and I have sooo much milk that I can feed all the babies around….

In reality….. Not really. And after crying and looking at my empty little bottle after hours of pumping, I decided, with a lot of disappointment and a glass of wine… That breastfeeding is not for me!

Thankfully, there are really good formulas out there, and now I can go out with my girlfriends for a happy ( and quiet ) hour without feeling any guilt about the next feeding….

But… Have you seen the price of formula ????! And when you have a big eater like mine, you can easily use two boxes a week of this little treasure.

So, as a mom who tries to save money, I always look for a deal on formulas…

Usually I use the deal in Target. Buy 3 boxes of formula and you get back $10…. $10 that I will reuse for the next deal on formula, making my OOP (out of pocket) lower.

This week, CVS will have a promotion starting Sunday for a LOT of baby stuff.

A few products will be on sale : Huggies, Pull up, Wipes and formula !

photo 1 (2)


If you buy for $30 of these selected baby product, you will get $10 back in Extrabucks.

AND if you have the CVS CARD and go to the red coupon dispenser box, you have a chance to score one of these :

photo 2 (3)

Now, there are different scenarios that you can come up with! It depends if you shop regularly at CVS and you have extrabucks that you can use, and it depends if you have Enfamil coupons as well. (These coupons are difficult to find !) There’s unfortunately no secret link for a magic coupon ( I didn’t find one but if you know a secret magic link please let me know!!!)

Sometimes, if it’s my lucky day and I’m at the Vons checkout counter,¬† just like magic, it comes… My catalina !!!!!! ¬†These are GOLD! Trust me !!!!

photo (1)

For this Sunday, if you have nothing to play with (no extra buck, no magic catalina or coupons) you can do :

Buy 2 boxes @ 22.99 = 45.98 use the $5 0ff = Pay $40.98 before taxes. You will get back a $10 coupon that you can use right away on a third boxes of formula making it 12.99 before taxes.

You will get 3 boxes of formula for 53.97 making them 17.99 each

You can also do :

Buy one box of formula 22.99 + one huggies diapers 8.99 = 31.98 ( If you go you can subscribe and get a $1off coupon)

Use $5 off from the red CVS machine = $26.98 before taxes. Get back 10 ECB ( extra care bucks ) and buy a formula with the $10 off = $12.99 before taxes.

And to give you an idea of what you can do if you are like me and shop a lot a CVS here what I will do :

I will buy 2 boxes of formula ( I don’t need diapers and wipes I did the Von’s deal this morning ;-))

so 2×22.99 = 45.98

I will use $5off baby care = 40.98

I will use some of my catalina and I have 2 at $8 ! so $40.98-$16 = 24.98

I will use 20 ECB that I have kept just for these deal so 24.98-20 = 4.98 before taxes ! I will get a $10 coupon that I will use on formula again so 22,99-10=$12.99

at the end I will pay 16.98 ( before taxes….) for 3 boxes of formula. That make them 5.66 each !

Fingers cross and picture of the receipt to come !

Happy shopping ;-)

UPDATE ! So I just did the CVS deal for the formula and :

.photo 2 (4)

photo (2)

When I came to the store I noticed that the price in my store was different from the price online :-( I was really disappointed so I just mentioned it to the girl at the cash register and she adjust my box at the same price I shown her !

So for the first transaction I used 2 catalina, each were $8 value.

I used one 5OFF25 from the CVS red machine in the store.

and I used $20 extra bucks that I got from previous deals. So I paid 4.98 and I saved $53 on the first  transaction.

Then for the second I used the $10 ectra bucks that I got on the first transaction + a $5coupon from infamil ! I paid 7.99 and saved $21 !

At the end I got 3 boxes for $13 thats $4.33 a box !


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