50% diapers on Amazon !

That’s the kind of offer I have been waiting for :-)

If you are a mom and you are like me, running everywhere trying to find the best deal ever on Diapers here is a news that will make you happy !

Amazon mom has a promotion right now, 50% at least on your boxes of diapers ! It’s for new members only !

So I am Not an amazon mom ! I love amazon and I love shopping on amazon but no I am not buying my diapers on amazon moms…. But I wanted to go and check to see what they were offering and if it was worth it !

So I went to their website :


Trying to understand what would I have to do if I wanted to buy those diapers at 50%off….

What I discovered made me happy !

First no you don’t have to be a lifetime subscriber to get the first pack at 50%OFF  ! You can just subscribe and say… Thank you for the great opportunity but I will only buy diapers on your website this time cause that’s a great offer, let’s be honest !

So you will get your diapers at a really REALLY good price and when you are done with this order you won’t receive every month some diapers  ! No subscription needed so  you can enjoy this one time offer and, like me, keep looking everywhere for the best deals that you can find.

Second the website is taking coupons !!!!!!! There’s a little button that you have to click to get a dollar or a dollar fifty off your pack ! I know it’s not tremendous savings but little by little, right !

Third… The 50% is working on as many boxes as you want ! If you take two boxes it’s like buy one get one FREE lol I love FREE if you buy 4 it’s like buy two get TWO FREE !!!!  Yes I know you got it but I am soooo excited !

Now, if you are interested of subscribing to amazon moms and have your diapers deliver every month to your door ( that’s also really convenient !) You get to have 20% more on your diapers packs so it’s like getting them for 60% !!!!

Yes I really think that’s a deal worth it !!!!! It’s raining diapers… Yeaaaah ;-)

Happy shopping


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