40% on cleaning products at Target !

It’s time to save some money !!!!!

As a mom of 3 boys ( Yes I count my husband as one of my kids ), cleaning products have a big room in my kitchen and in my heart !

And if you are like me, you love trying new stuff and imagining your whole house smelling like a little flower in the middle of the mountain…. Yes I know it will never happen… 3 boys… BUT I  still need some good cleaning products to keep me and my house sane with all of them lol.

Today at Target, is the perfect day for mommies like me to run stock up on good cleaning products because  there is a really good promotion going on….. Put your shoes on and GOOOOOO !!!!!

Text Stockup to 827-438 to subscribe for the Target text message and you will receive…. your coupon on your phone!!!!!



If you spend $50 dollars on selected household products you will have a $20 discount. That’s 40% off just like that !

The list included : Febreze-Clorox-Kaboom-Mr Clean- Pledge- Soft Scrub-Windex- Downy- Kleenex- Palmolive….. And way more !!!!!!!!!

And right now a lot of of these products are on sale…

photo (1)



photo (2)

If on top of that you have any coupons (manufacturer or printable coupons from your Sunday papers), your OOP ( Out of pocket ) will be even lower ! OOOH yes ;-)

Go to http://www.coupons.com/coupons/Household-Coupons-105/  to get some coupons  !

You are allowed to print each coupon two times ! If you have two computers that will be 4 of them. Target will allow you to use 4 manufacture coupons at the time for the same product.

Right now at coupon.com You can find :

0.50 cents for one bottle of dawn

$1 off Tide detergent

$1 off Glade

$1 scrubbing bubbles

And for those of you who really, really need more it’s good to know that you can use the “text” coupon just one time….. But you can send the message and get a new one as many time as you want !

The promotion ends next week on March 8th……

Just a reminder…. First don’t be like me and SHOW your phone at the cashier ;-) yes you won’t have the $20 OFF if they don’t scan the bare code on it !

And second…. Don’t forget your bags full of cheap amazing products at the cash register because you are too busy looking at your receipt to see how much you save lol It happens more than you think !

Happy Shopping !!!!!


Si I have been to Target yesterday night to get all my products and for some WEIRD reasons the TARGET  coupon 20Off50 DIDN’T work :-()

We tried to figured it out with the manager but after 2 hours far away of my boys and trying to analysed the reason why it wasn’t working I came home and had a BiG glass of wine !!!!!

I went again this morning and the same manager was here so once again I put for $50 of cleaning products on my cart and once again the deal didn’t work :-(

I don’t know why but it might be because it’s a promotion that will be also on their weekly ad and it will work only starting tomorrow….

The manager was really nice and honored the promotion anyway !!!! As you can see I had some other Manufacture coupons that can go on top of the Target one :-)

photo 4


So after a few hours of stress lol I finally went home with my cleaning treasures…. My precious !!!!

photo 5


$8 FOR EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!!


LAST UPDATE !!!!! After talking with some of my friends we found out that the reason that the deal wasn’t working it’s because of the bleach ! The bleach is not part of the promotion obviously they don’t consider that as a cleaning product !!!!!!!! Seriously Target ?!??!?!?!?

So if you want to do the deal spray are fine, wipes are fine, toilet cleaner are fine but bleach is not !!!!!!

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